Sabreen Rihan

Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer

Sabrine Riane is a co-founder of Crypto Dispensers, a company she started with her husband Firas Isa. Sabrine, who has a degree in health administration and years of experience in the healthcare industry, has always been passionate about crypto and reducing its entry barrier, which is precisely what she's doing with Crypto Dispensers. Before Crypto Dispensers, she worked in the corporate world, but once Firas started the business and it began to expand quickly, she immediately joined and started helping him.

Her work with Crypto Dispensers is focused on removing the fear, uncertainty, and doubt around crypto while making it understandable and even more accessible for everyone everywhere. She firmly believes that crypto is still in its early days and there's still so much work to be done in creating the infrastructure for the economy. Aside from that, she also understands that compliance is the cornerstone of the industry, and her stellar work ensures that Crypto Dispensers continues to be a safe and reliable Bitcoin dispenser.  And that's what she believes she can achieve with Crypto Dispensers. When not working on building critical crypto infrastructure, Sabrine spends her time traveling with her husband. 

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Sabreen Rihan

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