Buying Bitcoin With Cash, Made Easy by Crypto Dispensers

Crypto Dispensers enable customers to buy and sell Bitcoin using physical ATMs.

Buying Bitcoin With Cash, Made Easy by Crypto Dispensers

Crypto Dispensers enable customers to buy and sell Bitcoin using physical ATMs. This method allows users to safely buy Bitcoin with cash, and transfer it directly to their crypto wallet. Crypto Dispensers’ goal is to expose the community to the future of money, making crypto easily accessible to everyone in our community. A major step in accomplishing this goal will not only be facilitating safe Bitcoin transfers. But also allows customers to easily buy Bitcoin with physical cash or money in their bank account. 

Starting from very humble beginnings, Crypto Dispensers continues to expand its service to more users everyday. Crypto Dispensers has grown exponentially, beginning with just one Bitcoin ATM at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. Crypto Dispensers now has over 60 Crypto Dispensers Bitcoin ATMs across the United States. From the start, our vision has been to help make cryptocurrency and crypto deposits become mainstream. Before Crypto Dispensers, the only place you could find a Bitcoin ATM was in tobacco shops, gas stations, and cell phone stores. We wanted to take exchanging crypto from an unreliable, and oftentimes unsafe experience, and turn it into a brand name people will recognize and trust. 

Virtual Assets’ Products

The most popular product offered by Virtual Assets is Crypto Dispensers. Which of course allows users to purchase Bitcoin with cash. In addition to providing a secure ecosystem for cryptocurrency investors. Virtual Assets was founded with the goal of making crypto go mainstream, and has continued to serve customers ever since. 

Crypto Dispensers (Bitcoin ATMs)

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity, individuals are searching for reliable ways to buy Bitcoin using cash. Now there is a valid solution to this problem, and the answer is Bitcoin ATMs. At the forefront of the Bitcoin ATM industry is Crypto Dispensers, a company aiming to revolutionize the crypto industry. 

While Crypto Dispensers is well ahead of the competition, the challenge of course is still bringing awareness to Bitcoin ATMs. Many crypto investors are still unaware of this emerging crypto product. 

Green Dot

Green Dot is a financial institution whose vision of cryptocurrency aligns with Crypto Dispensers. Green Dot is excited to partner with us, enabling customers to easily buy Bitcoin with cash. Green Dot facilitates this by relying on its cash reload

network. Once a user’s cash has been loaded onto their account, they can easily buy and transfer cryptocurrency with Crypto Dispensers. Users may choose to facilitate these transactions by using either a mobile device or a desktop computer. This ease of use allows buying Bitcoin with cash to be a smooth experience for users. 

With Green Dot, users are able to conveniently add funds to their Crypto Dispensers account at select retail locations. These select retail locations include both RiteAid and CVS Pharmacy locations (Over 16,000 combined). Upon visiting the cash register, the cashier will scan the user’s barcode. At select retail locations, users can visit the register, where the cashier collects cash from the user. It is important to note, there could be a reload fee when adding money to a Crypto Dispensers account. After receiving cash from the user, the cashier facilitates the transaction and the fund will become available in the user’s account. 

Each participating retailer’s terminal is connected directly to Green Dot’s data processing center. This is where Green Dot is able to view and manage transactions being facilitated within its network. This also allows Crypto Dispensers to automatically credit the loaded funds to the customer’s account within minutes. 

Currently, Green Dot is available at more than 24,000 retail locations, a comprehensive list can be found on the Crypto Dispensers website. Virtual Assets is also coordinating with additional retailers to further expand their new service. In addition to providing users with account access on both mobile and desktop devices. 

After partnering with Green Dot, the Crypto Dispensers team decided users needed more ways to invest in crypto. This led to a collaboration with SILA, integrating their API within the Crypto Dispensers platform. Allowing users to transfer funds directly into their Crypto Dispensers account, by simply linking their checking account and transferring funds.


Bitcoin can be purchased with cash at participating Crypto Dispensers approved retailers. The current list of retailers offering Crypto Dispensers’ Bitcoin ATM services is Casey’s, CVS Pharmacy, GetGo, Giant Eagle, Giant Martin’s, Harvey’s, Meijer, Office Depot, Rite Aid, Tops, and Winn Dixie. It should be noted that this list continues to grow as the demand for Bitcoin continues to grow. Associated transaction fees may vary between newer locations and older locations. For instance, older retail locations have a $4.95 fee while newer locations only have a $3.95 fee. Crypto Dispensers will always be transparent about transaction fees, so customers can rest assured. 

ACH Transfers

Another feature of Crypto Dispensers is ACH transfers, which allow users more flexibility with their funds. An ACH transfer is a direct transfer of funds using the Automated Clearing House network (ACH). This method of transfer allows funds to be deposited directly into an individual’s bank account. With ACH transfers, users can rely on an added level of security. In addition to eliminating intermediaries that increase the cost of transactions. Buying Bitcoin with cash is made easy through the integration of ACH transfers. 

Once cash has been added to a Crypto Dispensers account, users can purchase crypto in multiple ways. Either through our online exchange using their Crypto Dispensers account, or at one of our Bitcoin ATM locations. Crypto Dispensers believes both purchasing methods are crucial in order to serve all types of crypto investors. 

How To Use CryptoDispensers Bitcoin ATMs:

  • Register by verifying your identity with Crypto Dispensers
  • Load anywhere between $20 and $500 using the barcode (fee up to $4.95)
  • The credit will appear in your account upon the next login (10 minutes)
  • Add a cryptocurrency wallet address to your account
  • Use the credit to instantly buy and send cryptocurrency
  • Reload and repeat

“Thanks to our partnership with Green Dot bank, we’re looking to disrupt the Bitcoin ATM industry. There’s no need for hardware or cash pickup.” Says Firas Isa Founder, and CEO of CryptoDispensers.

For more information about Crypto Dispensers, or to locate a participating retailer near you, please visit

Earn $25 USD on
your first transaction

Simply create an account, then deposit cash at a retail store near you. Your funds are credited to your account within minutes so you can buy Bitcoin and sent it to any cryptocurrency wallet. It's that simple!
Earn $25 USD on your first transaction!

Earn $25 USD on your first transaction

Simply create an account, and add funds using cash at 16k+ retailers nationwide. Your funds are credited to your account within minutes. Then buy or send Bitcoin to any cryptocurrency wallet. It's that simple!
Earn $25 USD on your first transaction!